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AVR Edge Zero Bezel Table

EXCLUSIVE Distributor and Reseller of Touch Table Solutions

A truly unique touch table solution – the AVR Edge. Set your collaboration needs apart from the rest with this virtually seamless, 40-point simultaneous touch, 4K display table! ABCOMDSS is proud to offer this unique touch table solution nationally.

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Euro Design

The AVR Edge Table is a German designed, sleek and sturdy innovative touch table. Built to wow, this table design is cutting edge and modern.

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Full 4K Resolution

A spill proof display emitting Ultra-HD resolution is perfect to inspire any audience with its crisp imagery.

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Touch Capabilities

Interactive to the max: this table has up to 40 points of touch. That means that 40 fingers can simultaneously collaborate on this table at the same time!

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Driving Content

The base has dual functions: It’s sleek and trendy while housing your workstation that can power the most intense content!

Different Sizes for Different Applications

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Technical Specs

SizeResolutionPoints of TouchTechnical Drawing
AbcomDSS touchtable small 55" 3840x2160px 40-Touch TBT-PCAP
AbcomDSS touchtable medium 65" 3840x2160px 40-Touch TBT-PCAP

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